Aadi Perukku

Aadi Perukku is a festival of fertility & prosperity being celebrated in South India for over 500 years. It was mentioned in Sangam Tamil literature, Paripadal, written in the 14th century about the celebration of this festival. I like to quote a few lines from Paripadal so that we could get a glimpse of how this festival was celebrated in those days. If you are interested to read those Sangam Tamil verses, you can visit here.

aru Aadi Perukku
Aadi Perukku a few centuries ago
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“Women getting ready to bathe in the river urging their men to dress in festive clothing befitting the day;

Women carry incense, flowers, offerings & fire when the flood waters come to Vaigai river.”


In those days Aadiperukku was celebrated with fun & fervor in the river basins especially in the Cauvery, Vaigai & Thamiraparani rivers. It was also mentioned that even kings visited the river banks along with his men, horses & elephants and indulged in punalattam (water sports).

river-basin Aadi Perukku
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According to the Hindu Mythology rivers have been treated as sacred waters as it brings prosperity to the entire region. In those days swelling rivers during monsoon were viewed as if the river Goddess were pregnant. So women (particularly newly married) offer sweet & sour goodies, that are generally liked by the pregnant women, to the flooded rivers seeking the blessings of the Goddess.

adiperukku-festival-in-river-basins Aadi Perukku
Aadi Perukku today
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Chitrannam for Aadi Perukku:

Nowadays, Aadi Perukku is celebrated as a festival that brings prosperity. So farmers sow their seeds and people venture into new businesses wishing prosperity. We prepare chithrannam (a variety of rice dishes of various flavors) on this day and offer them to the Goddess by immersing them into the river.

img_0511 Aadi Perukku
Chitrannam for Aadi Perukku

Here I have prepared the traditional chithrannam consisting of sweet Pongal, tamarind rice, coconut rice, mango rice & curd rice. I served them with suitable accompaniments like a stir-fried potato with peas, paruppu vadai, appalam, vadagam & lemon pickle. We also serve a glass of buttermilk, banana, paan (betel leaves stuffed with gulkand, a sweetened rose petals preserve) as a part of our festive meal. You may also check out my other chithrannam platter here:

  • img_0435 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0426 Aadi Perukku
  • img_4402 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0414 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0423 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0358 Aadi Perukku

You may click on the links for the recipes of sakkarai pongal, puliyodharai & thayir sadam and refer to the slideshows below that are self-explanatory for the remaining recipes:

Coconut Rice

  • img_0400 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0294 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0401 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0402 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0403 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0404 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0406 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0407 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0409 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0410 Aadi Perukku

Mango Rice

  • img_0389 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0392 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0390 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0391 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0393 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0394 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0395 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0396 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0397 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0398 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0423 Aadi Perukku

Stir-fried potato with peas

  • img_0339 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0340 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0341 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0342 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0344 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0345 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0346 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0347 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0348 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0349 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0350 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0352 Aadi Perukku
  • img_0358 Aadi Perukku

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  1. Wow, I love all these varieties of rice, so delicious! Lovely pics Megala

  2. Wonderful I love how rich your culture and food cuisine is, that 1 banana plate consists of so many flavors keep it up Megala✋❤️

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