Beetroot Juice

Ever since the humble beetroot juice turned out to be an indispensable dietary supplement for the elite Olympic medalists and accordingly attained the special status of superfood, the benefits of taking beet root juice became more conspicuous to the general public than before. Nowadays beauticians recommend to take a glass of beetroot juice daily in the morning for the glowing skin, dietitians consider this juice as an excellent liver detox, fitness trainers suggest it for endurance, cardiologists & pulmonologists prescribe plain beetroot juice for building robust heart & lungs, all owing to its magic ingredient called nitrate.

beetroot-juice Beetroot Juice

Beetroots are the rich sources of nitrates, they make nitrates from the nitrogen gas in the soil, and when these nitrates are ingested into our body, they turned into nitric oxide much needed for the increased blood flow and improved oxygen supply to all parts of our body.

beetroot Beetroot Juice

Since cooking the beets reduces the availability of nitrates, it is recommended to take fresh beetroot juice for the better absorption of nitrates. But we can add carrot along with beet while extracting the juice to enhance the flavor. Also we can add zest to this earthy-flavored juice by adding amla, lemon or orange juice. Since they are the rich sources of vitamin C, it aids in the absorption of iron in the beet root.

Beet-juice Beetroot Juice

There are plenty of beetroot supplements available in the market targeting heart patients, athletes, and the likes.

bj3 Beetroot Juice

However it is preferred to take home-made fresh juice to reap the benefits of beet roots to the fullest.

bj-3 Beetroot Juice

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  1. The older I get the more I love beets. I use them to pickle eggs and imbue the lovely color and flavor into the white. I also found a good recipe this year that blends the beets into blueberry muffins. What a treat they are! Thanks for this good information. Now I now why beets make me feel so good.

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