Buttermilk & Lassi

We prepare buttermilk by diluting curd (yoghurt), and we also prepare creamy lassi using curd made of full fat milk. Spiced buttermilk is a traditional south Indian drink usually served after taking an elaborate lunch meal to improve the digestion. Buttermilk with jeera powder or chaat masala is popular in other parts of India. Lassi is usually served chilled as a dessert in almost every part of India.

img_8634 Buttermilk & Lassi
Spiced buttermilk

Health benefits of buttermilk :

According to Ayurveda, both the buttermilk & lassi are of great significance as they are useful to treat many illnesses. You may check out here Β to know more about the healing properties of buttermilk suggested by Ayurveda and also here to know the nutritional values of buttermilk. In short the benefits of taking buttermilk are as below:

  1. Improves immunity as buttermilk is probiotic
  2. Strengthens bones, due to its high calcium & potassium content
  3. Relieves acidity & heart burns
  4. Improves digestion
  5. Prevents dehydration
  6. Contains less lactose, hence suitable for people with lactic intolerance
img_8885 Buttermilk & Lassi


Generally buttermilk is kept in mud pots (earthenware) few hours before serving and it can be served ideally in the mid morning or in the afternoon after lunch during summer. We can add ground spices, fresh herbs & berries into buttermilk to enhance the flavour. Some like to add lemon juice into buttermilk to make it tangy.

img_8627 Buttermilk & Lassi
South Indian buttermilk varieties

Now you can check out the slideshows below that are self explanatory:

Thirst quenching buttermilk:

  • img_8608-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8609-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8610-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8611-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8612-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8615-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8617 Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8652-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi

Detoxifying plantain stem buttermilk:

  • img_8563-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8565-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8567-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8568-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8569-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8571-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8573-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8574-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8575-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi

Iron-rich curry leaves buttermilk:

  • img_8580-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8581-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8582-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8584-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8585-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8586-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8587-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi

Refreshing Mint buttermilk:

  • img_8590-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8591-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8592-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8593-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8656 Buttermilk & Lassi

Flavorful Coriander leaves buttermilk:

  • img_8595-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8596-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8597-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8598-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8599-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8601-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8653 Buttermilk & Lassi

Sweet buttermilk:

  • img_8607-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8606-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8620 Buttermilk & Lassi

Digestive buttermilk: (Punjabi chaas)

  • img_8900-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8893-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8894-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8895 Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8902-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8903-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8904-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8906-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi
  • img_8910-scaled Buttermilk & Lassi


Lassi is nothing but the sweet beverage prepared using full fat yoghurt. We can keep experimenting this recipe by adding various flavours using fresh fruits, dry fruits, etc.

img_8872 Buttermilk & Lassi
Lassi Varieties

Pista lassi:

Mango Lassi:

Paan lassi:

Rose lassi:

You may replace rose essence with gulkand and make refreshing rose lassi.

Mint lassi:

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