Cardamom Ginger Tea

Before the colonial rule our ancestors used to serve classic refreshments like Ayurvedic lemonade (panakam), buttermilk, spiced-milk, elixir, etc. to their guests. Later it became a tradition to serve beverages like tea or coffee to our guests. Nowadays tea breaks have become the order of a day in every institution across India. Every conversation, whether an important official discussion or a trivial gossip, begins with a sip of refreshing cardamom ginger tea or masala chai. Apparently tea shops turn out to be a place for making friends, discussing international, national and local news and also a place for finding solutions for social issues.

Modi_Obama_chai_650 Cardamom Ginger Tea
Our Prime Minister served tea to his guest

During heavy downpour people used to take shelter in a nearby tea shop as they all like to relish hot ginger tea to keep them warm. So every tea shop tries to woo the customers by serving a cup of hot flavorful spiced tea along with delightful accompaniments like samosa, masal vadai, bajji, etc. during monsoon.

tea2-960x563 Cardamom Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea with Punjabi Samosa & Dates-tamarind Sauce

It has been raining here almost every evening, and I also like to serve my family a glass of classic ginger tea along with plantain fritters (vazhakkai bajji) to enjoy the cool breezy weather that happens to last only for few days in a year.

tea3-960x924 Cardamom Ginger Tea
Ginger tea with South Indian Bajji & Chutney

Cardamom Ginger Tea Recipe

We, Indians, generally use leaf tea or dust tea to prepare black tea as well as white tea (tea with milk). I prefer to use leaf tea which is more aromatic than dust tea, but dust tea is stronger than leaf tea. Hence I need to double the quantity of leaf tea while making tea.

tea7-960x817 Cardamom Ginger Tea
Leaf tea

Lately we have been cutting down the intake white sugar to a large extent, and I have started using other alternates like cane jaggery, palm jaggery, coconut sugar, etc. Here I have used palm sugar crystals (panangarkandu) and I find palm sugar as the best sweetener for tea and palm jaggery (karuppatti) for coffee. Now the recipe for cardamom ginger tea using palm sugar is as below:

tea1-960x926 Cardamom Ginger Tea
Hot Ginger Caradamom Tea served in South Indian Dabara

Yields: 500 ml


Hot milk*300 ml
Water250 ml
Leaf tea**2 tbsp
Palm sugar crystals2 tbsp

**Instead you can add a tablespoon of dust tea

tea-ingr-960x655 Cardamom Ginger Tea
Tea with milk & palm sugar

How to make spiced tea:

  • Mince ginger using fine-toothed grater, crush the seeds of cardamom using mortar & pestle and keep them aside.
  • Heat a sauce pan with water in high flame.
  • Add leaf tea, minced ginger and palm sugar into the sauce pan and bring it to boil.
  • Now reduce the flame to low and pour hot milk into the pan.
  • Finally stir in cardamom powder just before removing the pan from heat.
  • Immediately strain the tea through a tea-strainer.
  • Serve hot cardamom ginger tea with crunchy savory snacks.
tea-making Cardamom Ginger Tea
How to make cardamom ginger tea

*Since adding cold milk into hot decoction of tea & ginger would lead to curdling of milk, it is required to add hot milk while preparing spiced tea.

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  1. Megala, I love to drink tea, i make myself a large pot of tea every day.
    I haven’t tried cardamon-ginger tea yet, but I’ll be happy to try it.
    I always use cardamom capsules to prepare hot “glΓΆgg” in winter, so i always have some in the house.
    Megala, I wish a smooth, joyfull, healthy and very happy new year to you.
    Rosie from Germany πŸŽ‰πŸ€—πŸŽˆ

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