Carrot Chutney

I find carrot chutney a delicious & healthy alternate to our regular coconut or onion chutney. Since our daily screen time is getting increased nowadays, it is a good idea to include as much carrots as possible in our diet to protect our vision.  Carrot chutney may be served with spongy uthappam or crispy dosa.

img_50631 Carrot ChutneyThis chutney is prepared by my mother-in-law, Mrs. N.Easwari, a septuagenarian. She still learns new recipes by watching cookery shows, or reading magazines and she tries to make them whenever possible.

Cooking Time: 10 min

Serves : 4


    • Carrot – 1 No (large)
    • Red chillies – 5 Nos
    • Tamarind – (please refer the image)
    • Oil (for frying carrot)- 1 tsp
    • Salt – 3/4 tsp

img_5064 Carrot Chutney
Cooking Method:

  • Peel carrot & chop it roughly.
  • Heat a pan with oil.
  • Add red chillies & chopped carrot.
  • When chillies are roasted, remove them from pan and keep aside.
  • Add tamarind and saute for 2 min and leave aside till it reaches room temperature.
  • First grind red chillies into powder and then add tamarind & sauteed carrot into the jar.
  • Add 3 tbsp of water & salt and grind into a fine paste.
  • Transfer chutney to serving dish and garnish with tempering.

Please Note:
This chutney is prepared spicier as it is intended to serve with spongy dosa . If you want to make it less spicy, you can reduce 1 or 2 chillies or you can add a teaspoon of grated coconut.
If you add coconut & carrot in equal portions, you will get a vibrant yellow chutney liked specially by kids.

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