Chitrannam is a platter of different rice varieties usually prepared on the day of Aadi perukku ie. 18th day of Aadi month in Tamil calendar. It is believed that whatever we do on that day would grow manifold, so farmers used to sow their seeds expecting a good yield, businessmen venture into new business, and people in every walk of life eager to start something new.

img_9849 Chitrannam

I prefer to have my chitrannam platter delicious,  colorful and flavorful, so I like to make tomato rice, mint rice, sesame rice & candied rice instead of tamarind rice, lemon rice, coconut rice & sweet pongal that are usually prepared on this festive day. Besides these rice dishes are easy to prepare with easily available ingredients and are liked by kids & adults alike. I have prepared brinjal-drumstick curry, medhu vadai, papads, rice vadam & mor-milagai as sides for these rice dishes.

  • img_9844 Chitrannam
  • img_9838 Chitrannam
  • img_9840 Chitrannam
  • img_9869 Chitrannam
  • img_4465 Chitrannam
  • img_6365 Chitrannam

You can refer the slideshows below that are self explanatory for all the recipes except for medhuvadai :

Tomato Rice (Thakkali Sadam)

  • img_4830 Chitrannam
  • img_4831 Chitrannam
  • img_4832 Chitrannam
  • img_4833 Chitrannam
  • img_4834 Chitrannam
  • img_4835 Chitrannam
  • img_4836 Chitrannam
  • img_4837 Chitrannam
  • img_4838 Chitrannam
  • img_4840 Chitrannam
  • img_4841 Chitrannam
  • img_4847 Chitrannam
  • img_4850 Chitrannam
  • img_9843 Chitrannam

Sesame Rice (Ellu Sadam) 

  • img_9784 Chitrannam
  • img_9786 Chitrannam
  • img_9787 Chitrannam
  • img_9788 Chitrannam
  • img_9789 Chitrannam
  • img_9792 Chitrannam
  • img_9790 Chitrannam
  • img_9796 Chitrannam
  • img_9794 Chitrannam
  • img_9797 Chitrannam
  • img_9798 Chitrannam
  • img_9809 Chitrannam
  • img_9811 Chitrannam
  • img_9813 Chitrannam
  • img_9814 Chitrannam
  • img_9815 Chitrannam
  • img_9818 Chitrannam
  • img_9820 Chitrannam
  • img_9838 Chitrannam

Mint rice (Pudina Sadam)

  • img_9810 Chitrannam
  • img_9824 Chitrannam
  • img_9826 Chitrannam
  • img_9827 Chitrannam
  • img_9821 Chitrannam
  • img_9822 Chitrannam
  • img_9825 Chitrannam
  • img_9828 Chitrannam
  • img_9829 Chitrannam
  • img_9830 Chitrannam
  • img_9831 Chitrannam
  • img_9841 Chitrannam

Candied Rice (Kalkandu sadam): 

First we need to make kalkandu into powder before adding into rice..

  • img_9800 Chitrannam
  • img_9801 Chitrannam
  • img_9802 Chitrannam
  • img_9803 Chitrannam
  • img_9804 Chitrannam
  • img_9805 Chitrannam
  • img_9807 Chitrannam
  • img_9808 Chitrannam
  • img_9832 Chitrannam
  • img_9833 Chitrannam
  • img_9867 Chitrannam

Curd Rice (Thayir Sadam)

  • img_4396 Chitrannam
  • img_4397 Chitrannam
  • img_4398 Chitrannam
  • img_4399 Chitrannam
  • img_4400 Chitrannam
  • img_4401 Chitrannam
  • img_4402 Chitrannam

Brinjal-drumstick curry

  • img_4435 Chitrannam
  • img_4436 Chitrannam
  • img_4440 Chitrannam
  • img_4437 Chitrannam
  • img_4438 Chitrannam
  • img_4439 Chitrannam
  • img_4441 Chitrannam
  • img_4442 Chitrannam
  • img_4443 Chitrannam
  • img_4445 Chitrannam
  • img_4447 Chitrannam
  • img_4452 Chitrannam
  • img_4456 Chitrannam
  • img_4465 Chitrannam

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