Karamani Sundal

Navarathri is a festival of worshiping the goddesses Parvathi (for creative power), Saraswathi (for wisdom) & Lakshmi (for wealth).ย Navarathri celebrations in Tamilnadu is incomplete without making sundal (legume salad). Generally, we offer sundal as naivedyam to deities during Navarathri. We typically prepare sundal using chickpeas or other legumes. So I have prepared sundal using karamani (black eyed beans) for the soft skin & creamy texture. Now I have used karamani of different colors viz., mahogany, peach & white colors and prepared 4 types of sundal.

kms7 Karamani Sundal
Karamani sundal with different flavors

Different types of sundal:

I have prepared classic sundal using all the 3 colors of karamani, spicy sundal using white beans, masala sundal using peach color beans & sweet sundal using mahogany beans. Both the masala sundal & sweet sundal may be liked by the children.

kmsundal Karamani Sundal
Sundal varieties

Karamani sundal recipe:

Karamani beans are not so hard as chickpeas (channa) and also not so tender as moong beans. So it is tricky to cook them and make soft sundal. First, we need to soak them just for 1 or 2 hours, and cook for about 5 minutes. Here I have soaked karamani for 2 hours and pressure cooked them. I have added water in the ratio of 1:1 and simmered for 5 minutes after reaching high pressure. You may refer the gifs below that are self explanatory for different types of sundal recipes:

Classic sundal

kms1 Karamani Sundal

I have used red chillies only for the flavor not for the heat, and I don’t like to see too many seeds of chillies in my sundal.

Spicy sundal

kms2 Karamani Sundal

We can add the mixture of coconut and idli podi to enjoy the aroma of podi in sundal.

Masala sundal

kms3 Karamani Sundal

I have added the mixture of coconut and curry powder (garam masala) for the delightful flavors and garnished it with grated carrot and chopped coriander leaves.

Sweet sundal

kms4 Karamani Sundal

Here I have added jaggery, coconut & cardamom into this sundal.

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  1. This one is challenging (so far ^^), but I finally made it.
    The color is amazing. Beautiful plating. Love this dish. Love the idea!

  2. Such a colorful and beautiful arrangement of treasures all on one plate! Though undoubtedly delicious, it would be hard to take that first bite and ruin the presentation.

    1. Yes, I feel karamani is the best legume for making sweet sundal, hope you would also like it. Thanks!

    1. It is indeed a Navarathri prasadam in almost every household here in Tamilnadu. Thank you.

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