Meals with No-tamarind Curry

Meals with no-tamarind curry is one of the traditional meals that we all relished as children. My mother used to prepare healthy yet delicious meal with home-grown vegetables. I still remember our house filled with mixed flavors of coconut oil, fresh vegetables & spices while preparing this flavorful meal.  In those days we never said “no” to any food cooked at home as they were delicious & flavorful; it was mainly because of using fresh home-grown vegetables that were cooked in low temperature for longer time.

img_6721 Meals with No-tamarind CurryThe above meal is a meal with modern twist consisting of drumstick leaves sambar, avial (I have used jackfruit seeds in it), & bell peppers stir-fry. Since it has a good combination of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals &  fibers, it serves as a balanced diet.

Health Benefits: Drumstick leaves sambar contains protein & iron required to keep us active; bell pepper fry contains Vit.C and aids in absorbing iron; avial provides vitamins & minerals required for a day; curd is a rich source of calcium that helps to increase bone density; papadam is made of black gram, a good source of protein & minerals.

img_43581 Meals with No-tamarind CurryThis is the traditional meal served with drumstick leaves curry & broad beans poriyal. As they are rich in dietary fiber it helps to control cholesterol and aids in digestion. You may click on the images below for their recipes.
img_4359 Meals with No-tamarind Curry
img_4719 Meals with No-tamarind Curry
moringa-sambar Meals with No-tamarind Curry

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