Mixed Fruit Juice

My father never missed to treat me with a glass of delicious mixed fruit juice whenever he took me out for shopping during my childhood days. I still remember how I relished this refreshing drink particularly during hot sunny days. This fruit juice can be enjoyed by chewing but not by sipping through a straw as it was served neither diluted like juice nor concentrated as smoothie. My father always preferred to take fresh mixed fruit juice without ice & sugar, hence I got motivated to prepare fruit juice without ice (or ice cream) and to use unprocessed sugar in place of refined sugar. My father also made us to realize that taking the food made of assorted fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, or lentils is essential for children’s growth as it prevents vitamin deficiency.

mkfr4 Mixed Fruit Juice

Ayurveda recommends to drink tepid water for improved digestion and forbids to take cold water as it leads to accumulation of toxins. So it is better to avoid cold drinks as much as possible even during summer. For kids who can not resist taking an ice cream we may give them warm water to drink immediately after taking ice cream to reduce the cold effects.

The ill effects of drinking ice-cold drinks for a long period:

  • Build-up of toxins: Our stomach acts like a fire ready to burn (digest) the food that we ingested into our body, if we toss ice-cold water onto this fire, it will result in slower digestion, accumulation of undigested food, and hence the release of toxins from undigested food into our system. So if cold water is taken continuously it will lead to decreased metabolism & even obesity also.
  • Less immunity: Ice cold water paves way for the growth of mucus inside our body which makes us prone to catch cough & cold frequently.
  • Weak heart muscles: When ice-cold food is passed through our body, all the blood vessels in contact with cold food begin to shrink. So when we drink cold water regularly, our heart needs to work harder to pump up the blood to circulate all through the body.
  • Increased Cholesterol: Cold water solidifies fat in our body and hence it becomes harder to digest the fat. So prolonged in-take of cold water results in accumulation of fat inside our body.

Now lets prepare mixed fruit juice without ice/ ice cream:

mkfr2 Mixed Fruit Juice

Ingredients: Please note that the quantity of fruits I have used here is not the same as shown in the picture below, you may need to adjust the quantity of fruits (according to the desired color & consistency) and sugar to suit your palate.

mdfrjuc-ing Mixed Fruit Juice
  1. Water melon (tharpoosani)
  2. Mango
  3. Orange
  4. Apple
  5. Banana
  6. Palm sugar (panang-karkandu)

Mixed fruit juice preparation:

mkfr3 Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Extract juice from water melon using juice extractor & orange juice using citrus squeezer and keep them aside.
  • Chop mango, banana & apple roughly after removing their skins and add into the blender.
  • Add palm sugar & orange juice (to prevent the discoloration of apple pieces) and blend together.
  • Now pour water melon juice (used for its beautiful red color) and blend well.
  • Pour mixed fruit juice into glasses and serve immediately.
mdfrjuc Mixed Fruit Juice

Tips & tweaks:

  • We need to choose the fruits according to the desired color & texture and also to balance the sweetness & tartness of juice.
  • We can use water melon juice liberally in place of water as it makes juice look reddish. If we add more mango pieces your juice will look yellowish.
  • We can use pulpy fruits like jack fruit (pala-pazham), chikku (sappota), papaya (pappali), etc. and also use succulent fruits like pineapple, grapes, or any citrus fruits for the desired texture.
  • We can use sweet lime (mosambi) or any other citrus fruits instead of orange.
  • For a restaurant-style mixed fruit juice we can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream before serving.

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  1. This sounds delicious- I want to start making more juices and smoothies of my own, and perhaps have them in the morning instead of my usual coffee. Your site is a great source of inspiration!

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  3. Your father was gem to bring you all up in this manner. My uncle used to crush pawpaws and fresh oranges…stick an umbrella in it and make it such an occasion. Precious memories you too me back to?

    1. Indeed he was an amazing person. I’m happy that it has brought back your childhood memories also. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      1. Popping in to visit you is always a pleasure. Its a treasure trove of information, good recipes and amazing refreshments. Reminds me of India and my late aunt… And family gatherings that have sadly withered away. ?

  4. The picture of your glass of organic fruit juice is like a balm on this scorching morning, Megala. With the rising temps here, I have been wondering how I can effectively mash up ingredients and serve it out to my children. Luckily, I have all the ingredients and hope to make it this evening. Thank you, Megala. So glad to be back to your space after a little break.

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