Mushroom Masala

Mushroom masala is a healthy and also a hearty dish that can be sandwiched between toasted bread slices or served as a side for rice & roti. Since I have spiced mushroom masala up with pepper & ginger and avoided using chillies, it can be served to people who can not bear the heat of chilli particularly to kids.

img_9302 Mushroom Masala
Meals with mushroom masala

Mushrooms Health Benefits:

Mushrooms are boon for vegetarians as they are rich in protein, and you can refer here for the nutrition data.

health-benefits-of-mushrooms4 Mushroom Masala

Mushroom Masala Recipe:

Now I have prepared chettinad-style mushroom masala by adding onion-tomato paste in beginning and coconut-pepper mixture at the end and the recipe is as below:

Time taken: 30 min
Serves: 3

img_9245-scaled Mushroom Masala
Mushroom Masala


  1. Mushrooms (kalaan) – 8 Nos.
  2. Pea pods – 15 Nos.
  3. Salt – 3/4 tsp
img_9205 Mushroom Masala

For masala-1:

  1. Onions – 2 Nos.
  2. Tomato – 1 No.
  3. Ginger – 1/2″ piece
  4. Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

For masala-2:

  1. Peppercorns – 1/2 tsp
  2. Cumin seeds – 1/4 tsp (or fennel seeds)
  3. Garam masala – 1/4 tsp
  4. Coconut pieces (one inch) – 4 Nos.
  5. Cashewnut – 5 Nos.

For tempering:

  1. Neutral oil – 1 tsp (or butter)
  2. Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp (or fennel seeds)
  3. Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
img_9208 Mushroom Masala

Cooking Method:

  • Saute all ingredients for masala-1 in a teaspoon of oil and grind into a paste without adding water.
  • Grind all ingredients for masala-2 into a paste by adding 3 tbsp water.
  • Boil fresh peas and keep aside.
  • Wash mushrooms under running water (avoid cleaning in a bowl of water as they absorb water like a sponge).
  • Chop mushrooms into chunks.
  • Heat a pan with oil in medium flame.
  • Add cumins, curry leaves and chopped mushrooms and saute till mushrooms get cooked.
  • Add boiled peas, ground masala-1 & salt and mix well.
  • Add enough water for required consistency and allow it to boil.
  • Add ground masala-2 and cook in low flame for few min.
  • Serve hot with roti, pulav, dosa, idiyapppam or aapam.
  • img_9221-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9207-2-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9216-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9218-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9222-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9223-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9224-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9231-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9235-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9233-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9234-scaled Mushroom Masala
  • img_9242-scaled Mushroom Masala

Cooking Tips:

  • Mushrooms always go well with curry leaves rather than coriander leaves.
  • Cashews are added mainly for its sweetness and not for thickening the sauce.
  • We can also grind both masala-1 & masala-2 together and add it to the gravy at the end.

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