Cornmeal Puttu with Sweet Sundal

We, generally, prepare puttu using rice flour and serve for breakfast along with spiced or sweetened legumes. Here I have tried using cornmeal (makka chola maavu) as I find cornmeal ideally suitable for breakfast compared to rice flour. You can refer the comparison table below for the nutrient values of cornmeal.

Pounded Palmyra Sprout

Panang kizhangu (Palmyra sprout) is popular among south Indians & Sri Lankans. We usually steam the palmyra sprouts, pound them when dried, and relish the pounded palmyra sprout as a savory snack. Sri Lankans boil these sprouts, dry them, make into a flour and use the flour to make sweet puttu, koozh or add into some non-veg curries as a thickening agent.

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