Weekend Lunch

This is the meal I prepare for lunch usually on Saturdays. It can be prepared easily within an hour, if you plan in advance and make all ingredients available. Everybody including kids will surely relish this delicious lunch meal.

I find tiffin sambar a great accompaniment for citrus rice; Citrus rice & curd rice taste heavenly with vazhaipoo vadai & pottukadalai thuvaiyal; Peppery mor-milagai goes well with curd rice; Vrunchy javvarisi vatral or sago crackers surely a treat for kids. So you can try this easy-to-prepare meal for your family during weekends!

img_6134 Weekend Lunch
Cooking Method: 
Please click on the images at the end for recipes of citrus rice, curd rice, tiffin sambar, banana flower vadai and pottukadalai thuvaiyal.

  1. First we need to pressure cook rice for citrus rice, curd rice & lentils for sambar in 3 separate containers. (Please add water in 1: 2 ratio for citrus rice & 1:3 for curd rice.)
  2. Meanwhile we can prepare vazhaipoo vadai. Javvarisi vatral & mor-milagai can also be deep fried in the same oil. Max time taken for step 1 & 2 is 35-40 min.
  3. Next we can make pottukadalai thuvaiyal in just 2 or 3 min.
  4. When the pressure is released from the pressure cooker, we can prepare citrus rice, curd rice & sambar in 15 minutes.
  5. Now wonderful weekend lunch is ready to serve.

img_6126 Weekend Lunch
Citrus Rice:
img_6087 Weekend Lunch
Curd Rice:
img_4402 Weekend Lunch
Pottukadalai Thuvaiyal:
img_5824 Weekend Lunch
Vazhaipoo vadai:
img_6112 Weekend Lunch
Tiffin Sambar:
img_9554 Weekend Lunch

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